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Sankt Vincentische Nationalhymne


Sankt Vincentische Nationalhymne

Land: St. Vincent
Titel: St. Vincent! Land So Beautiful
Text: Phyllis Joyce McClean Punnett 1967
Komponist: Joel Bertram Miguel 1967
Nationalhymne seit: 1967


St. Vincent! Land so beautiful, With joyful hearts we pledge to thee, Our loyalty and love, and vow, To keep you ever free. Refrain: Whate'er the future brings, Our faith will see us through, May peace reign from shore to shore, And God bless and keep us true. Hairoun! Our fair and blessed isle, Your mountains high, so clear and green, Are home to me, though I may stray, A haven, calm serene. Refrain Our little sister islands are, Those gems, the lovely Grenadines, Upon their seas and golden sands, The sunshine ever beams. Refrain




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