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Jamaikanische Nationalhymne 
Land: Jamaika Titel: Jamaica, Land We Love ("Jamaika, das Land, das wir lieben") Text: Hugh Sherlock Komponist: Robert Lightbourne Nationalhymne seit: 1962 Originaltext: Jamaika, land we love Eternal Father, ...

Sierra Leonesische Nationalhymne 
Nationalhymne seit: 1961 Originaltext: High we exalt thee, realm of the free; Great is the love we have for thee; Firmly united ever we stand, Singing thy praise, O native land ...

St. Lucianische Nationalhymne 
Lucia, love the land that gave us birth, land of beaches, hills and valleys, fairest isle of all the earth ...

Anguillanische Nationalhymne 
and beauteous She stands midst the sea Oh land of the happy A haven we'll make thee Our lives and love We give unto thee Refrain With heart and soul We'll build a nation Proud, strong and free We'll love her hold her Dear to our hearts ...

Namibianische Nationalhymne 
land of the brave Freedom fight we have won Glory to their bravery Whose blood waters our freedom We give our love and loyalty Together in unity Contrasting beautiful Namibia Namibia our country Beloved land of savannahs Hold high the banner of liberty Refrain: Namibia ...

Trinidad und Tobagonische Nationalhymne 
Land: Trinidad und Tobago Titel: Forged From The Love of Liberty (deutsch: "Geschmiedet aus der Liebe zur Freiheit") Text: Pat Castagne (1962) Komponist: Pat Castagne (1962) Nationalhymne seit: ...

Nigerianische Nationalhymne 
1978 Originaltext: Arise, O compatriots, Nigeria's call obey To serve our fatherland With love and strength and faith The labour of our heroes past Shall never be in vain To serve with heart and might One nation bound in freedom, peace and unity ...

Just for the Love of it Syrah 

Sankt Kitts und Nevisische Nationalhymne 
Originaltext: O Land of Beauty! Our country where peace abounds, Thy children stand free On the strength of will and love ...

Sankt Vincentische Nationalhymne 
Vincent! Land so beautiful, With joyful hearts we pledge to thee, Our loyalty and love, and vow, To keep you ever free ...

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